1. Backup and Quality Control [on set & facility based]

  • Operated by an experienced DIT or data wrangler technician of your choice
  • All equipment is spec’d to your particular shoot requirements and length
  • Cards are handled on-set or can be delivered to our offices 24/7

2. Transcoding

  • Sync editorial and VFX deliverables using Da Vinci Resolve Studio and Silverstack LAB.
  • Additional metadata such as ALE, XML or AAF supplied to your spec.
  • Supply your delivery specs; we’ll deliver according to a reliable timetable.
  • Proxy files can be uploaded to our cloud server for users to pull down internationally.
  • Proxy files can be couriered on hard drives to local users.

3. LTO Archiving

  • The standard in long term storage of your original shoot material, the magnetic tape data storage system is the standard.
  • We can backup and retrieve your LTO requirements.
  • We cater for LTO 6 and upwards.

4. Long form Dailies editorial & coloring suites

  • Our dailies suites are modular and suitable to commercial productions bringing their editor over.
  • In addition, our office suite facilities allow long form projects to run their editorial department from our offices.
  • Alternatively, we can bring the edit suite to you.
  • We offer a customized solution to those productions who choose to locate their editorial team in their own production offices.
  • We’ll network your chosen offices together, provide the editorial storage, software and hardware that suits the scale of your production.

5. High speed upload/ download facilities

  • The advent of high speed fibre in South Africa allows us to send your editorial files, audio and selected original camera material to your project collaborators all over the world.
  • We utilize various cloud platforms to distribute your material anywhere in the world, provided your end user has an internet connection.
  • DOWNLOAD our pricing sheet for more information

6. On-set Livegrade

  • Using Pomfort Livegrade, calibrated broadcast quality monitors in a modular cart systems, we ensure beautiful pictures on set, no matter what type of camera you choose to use.

7. Custom Storage Sales

  • Instead of purchasing your hard drives before you start shooting, you can choose to rent additional RAID storage at a nominal cost.
  • Once the shoot has commenced, a more accurate estimation of your data and hard drive requirements can be made and we’ll supply the best hard drive storage at a price you can afford.
  • Material is transferred overnight so that your footage is available on your own storage the next day.
  • You can take it one step further and reduce your hard drive requirements and use our LTO storage option to replace a single hard drive backup to future proof your shoot.