Monitor Calibration

Flanders Scientific, Small HD, Client Televisions (only certain models), most other professional broadcast monitors with 3DLut Calibration.

If your monitor does not support 3DLut calibration, we can offer a manual offset calibration using back- light, gain, bias and contrast on request.

• Send an email to
• List the monitors you require to be calibrated
• Specify the colour space (eg Rec709, DCI P3 etc.)
•If you require perceptual/ volumetric matching between different monitor technologies
• When you would like to drop and collect your monitors

• Accurately calibrated monitors across your rental fleet
• A full colour report from Calman Studio with a pre and post calibration colour gamut to show everyone your monitors are professionally calibrated (print and electronic)
• Each monitor is velcro tagged with a small card displaying the monitor type and serial, date of calibration, colour space and any other important notes

WHAT IT COSTS: R3 250 per monitor (ex VAT)
*Discounts available for 5 or more monitors in a single calibration session

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE: On arrivals al monitors require an hour to warm up before we begin the process. Once your monitors are warmed up, each monitor will take between 15 minutes to an hour depending on how many passes we need for the best possible calibration.

WHEN CAN WE START: First openings available in October.

We’l come to you if you don’t want to move your monitor from its perch.