Now your clients can get a picture from set and communicate with crew from the safety of their home or office.

We’re offering multiple solutions from Teradek and Q-Take to ensure a livestream solution that suits each job. 

  • A Wide Angle Set Overview camera feed provides a worldview reference of the set, crew and the surroundings so your client feels like they’re really on set.
  • With 2-way radio communication that reaches clients, production and crew using an app-based approach, you can place a radio in every persons’ hands that needs to provide input and feedback on what you’re shooting.
  • We also offer mobile video conferencing options so you can wheel your Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp or Zoom onto using an iPad or iPhone to keep the cast, crew and agency connected.
  • Bundled with our DIT and VTO services, you can service all of your video and data needs through a single provider, simplifying the number of crew and equipment suppliers you need to have on set.


How It Works

  • Give us your location GPS coordinates for each location from the location recce’s. Better yet, bring a streaming technician on the recce to ensure there is good cell coverage from your location.
  • A contact sheet for all clients, production staff and set crew that require two-way comms and a video feed.

It’s that simple.

Please contact us if you require a demo or quote for your next shoot.